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Last Updated: 6:12 AM Thursday, March 30, 2024 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Significant World Weather Today: Extra Tropical System/Front may bring rain/snow in Europe

Weather Today
Rainfall Forecast of Europe: Tropicaltidbits

According to Significant World Weather Today, An extra tropical system and its frontal effect may bring light to moderate rainfall across Europe. Sea condition is rough across NE Atlantic Ocean due to multiple subtropical system effect. 

Snow or Rainfall Probabilities in Europe:

Europe weather today suggests, light to moderate rainfall may affect Portugal and Spain throughout the day in multiple spells. While, snowfall may occur in Spain at isolated places. Later, this activity may shift over France and potentially increase rainfall activity there. Also, Frontal effect may cause increased rainfall activity in parts of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Brussels and Neighborhood region.

Additionally, direct influence of the subtropical storm may bring light rain/showers across Ireland. At the same time, showers may continue across the Netherlands and Denmark but decrease later.

On the other hand, Multiple frontal effect may bring rain or snow across Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy and neighborhood region.

Also, parts of northern parts of Europe may have rain and snowfall due to a cold front passing there. Due to which, northern and southern parts of Norway and Sweden, including parts of Finland, may have snowfall with light rain.

Weather front may bring rain and thunderstorm across the northeastern and western US

USA weather today
Rainfall forecast of USA: Tropicaltidbits

Weather front across northeaster US may bring Ring an thunderstorm across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, MI, Wisconsin and neighborhood region.

Also another front/ Extra tropical system They bring green and snowfall across California, Nevada Add neighborhood region.

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