Cyclone Lincoln: Potential for Regeneration

Cyclone Lincoln satellite
Satellite images at 03:50 GMT, 18 Feb 2024

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln: Potential for Regeneration

Cyclone Update: 18 Feb at 02:00 pm AEST(GMT+10hrs), 4:00 am GMT, 10am BST(GMT+6hrs)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln, designated as 07U, is currently tracking westward across the Northern Territory.

Meteorologists anticipate its movement over the Kimberley region of Western Australia by late Monday.

Current Position of Ex TC Lincoln: Bureau of Meteorology
Cyclone Lincoln

This trajectory poses concerns for heavy rainfall along its path, as indicated by the Severe Weather Warning issued.

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Impending Development of TC Lincoln

As Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln progresses, forecasts suggest its arrival in waters west of the Kimberley and north of the Pilbara by the middle of the following week. For specific date as follows around 20 to 22nd February 2024.

The significant concern is the high probability that the system may regenerate into a Tropical cyclone. Such a scenario could potentially lead to its intensification into a severe tropical cyclone, posing heightened risks to affected regions.

Potential Track of Cyclone Lincoln: GEFS ensemble
Cyclone Lincoln

Potential Impact of restrengthening TC Lincoln.

The anticipated reformation of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln brings with it the potential for adverse weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, strong winds, and potential storm surges.

These conditions could pose significant challenges for coastal communities and infrastructure along the affected areas cross the Kimberley and north of the Pilbara region.

Rainfall forecast of northern Australia for next 3 days: ECMWF Model
Cyclone Lincoln

Preparedness Measures for the regenerating storm

Authorities and emergency responders are closely monitoring the situation and urging residents in vulnerable areas to stay informed and prepared.

Precautionary measures, such as securing loose objects, stocking up on essential supplies, and having evacuation plans in place, are recommended to mitigate potential risks associated with severe weather events.

Community Awareness before impact starts

It is imperative for residents and communities in the projected path of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln to remain vigilant and heed advice from local authorities and meteorological agencies.

Timely updates and alerts should be closely followed to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals and property.


As Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln continues its westward trajectory and the potential for regeneration looms, proactive measures required accordingly.

Proper community awareness is crucial in minimizing the impact of adverse weather conditions. Preparedness, vigilance, and adherence to official guidance are paramount in safeguarding lives and mitigating risks associated with severe weather events.