Cyclone Lincoln: May Re-intensify Wednesday off Kimberley Coast

Cyclone Lincoln: May Re-intensify

Severe Weather Alert: Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln Threatens Kimberley and Pilbara. Cyclone Lincoln may re-intensify Wednesday.

Cyclone Update: 19 Feb at 01:00 pm AEST(GMT+10hrs), 3:00 am GMT, 09:00am BST(GMT+6hrs)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln (07U) is currently advancing westward across the Kimberley region, triggering heavy rainfall in its vicinity. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Severe Weather Warning in response to this weather system.

Cyclone Lincoln: May Re-intensify

Forecast and Potential Development of Cyclone Lincoln

Path and Timing: Forecasted to reach waters west of the Kimberley and north of the Pilbara by Wednesday the 21st Feb 2024.

Risk of Redevelopment: There is a high probability that the cyclone could regain strength and redevelop into a tropical cyclone from Thursday, the 22nd Feb and onwards.

Potential Intensification: There’s a possibility that it may escalate into a severe tropical cyclone as it progresses.

Coastal Impact: By Friday, the 23rd Feb and into the weekend, the cyclone may approach the Pilbara coast. It may potentially make landfall there or drift close to the coast late Friday or Saturday.

Potential Track of Cyclone Lincoln: GEFS ensemble
Cyclone Lincoln Track

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Precautionary Measures

Residents in the affected areas are advised to take necessary precautions accordingly:

*Stay updated on weather advisories and warnings from official sources.

*Prepare emergency kits containing essential supplies such as food, water, medication, and first aid items.

*Secure loose outdoor objects and take shelter indoors during adverse weather conditions.

*Follow instructions from local authorities and emergency services regarding evacuation or sheltering procedures.

Stay Informed with forecasts of Cyclone Lincoln

As Ex Tropical Cyclone Lincoln may Re-intensify Wednesday, keep monitoring updates from the Bureau of Meteorology.

And also follow other relevant authorities to stay informed about the evolving situation. Accordingly, take any necessary actions to ensure personal safety and property protection.